Gilles Grandjean 
02 792 35 75
Bureau : E1 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 4)

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Gilles Grandjean holds a Ph.D. from the UCLouvain (2010). He then obtained a post-doc scholarship from the FNRS and is now assistant professor at University Saint-Louis-Bruxelles since 2016.

Research interests: Gilles has been working on game theory (network formation, solution concepts, experiments) during his Ph.D. and post-doc. He is now working on the evaluation of public policies, with a particular interest on mobility, education and climate change.

Tom Truyts 
02 211 78 45
Bureau : E1 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 4)

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Tom Truyts holds master’s degrees (Licentiaat) in History and in Economics, and a PhD in Economics (2008), all from the KU Leuven. Tom joined the University Saint-Louis-Bruxelles in 2012, and teaches Economics 1 and Public Economics. Besides CAPE, Tom is also a co-director of the Institut de recherches interdisciplinaires sur Bruxelles (IRIB,

Research interests: Tom’s past research focussed on game theory (signaling theory, auction theory…), public economic theory and economic history. He currently works in public finance and policy evaluation, and coordinates the Beamm project.


Koen Declerq

Bureau : D13 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 3)
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Koen Declercq is an Assistant Professor in Economics at UCLouvain – Saint-Louis Bruxelles. He obtained his PhD in 2016 at KU Leuven. After his PhD, he continued as a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven and UCLouvain.

Research interests: The research of Koen Declercq focusses on labor and education economics. He develops and estimates structural discrete choice models to study the impact of educational policies on choices and study outcomes. He also evaluates the impact of labor market policies on job-finding and study decisions. Finally, he contributes to the experimental literature on financial literacy.

Hélène Latzer

02 792 35 75 
Bureau : E9 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage : 4)

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Hélène Latzer is an Associate professor in Economics at Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles, as well as Chargée de Recherche CNRS (currently on leave). She obtained her PhD in Economics and Management Sciences from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in 2012, and also holds a Master in Management Sciences from the HEC Paris Business School.

Research interests: Her domains of expertise are Macroeconomics, International Economics and Economic Growth. She is currently director of the Center for Economic Research (CEREC).

Post doctoral researchers

Francesco Pascuci
Bureau : E13 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 4)

Francesco Pascuci

Research interests: Labor Economics, Quantitative Macroeconomics, Quantitative Spatial Economics

Phd students

Astrid Adam 
Bureau : D1 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 4)
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Astrid graduated with honors from UCLouvain of a Master’s degree in during which she completed an Erasmus at the Università Luigi Bocconi in Milan.

Research interest : Her research interests are focused on public economics, more specifically the mobility and soft mobility sectors and the potential inequalities generated by these.

Hugues Annoye 
02 792 35 82
Bureau : F5 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 5).

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Hugues Annoye holds a bachelor in mathematics and two research masters (one in mathematics and one in statistic) from the UC Louvain. After graduating, Hugues began to work at University Saint-Louis-Bruxelles as a full-time assistant.

Research interest : His first interest lies in the development of new statistical methods to identify the factors that explain inequalities. Another one of his interest of research lies in statistical matching, using statistical tools such as canonical correlation analysis and its kernel extension.

Daniel Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge 

Bureau : 

Daniel Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge holds a Bachelor’s in business engineering from the UCLouvain and a double Master’s degree in economics and political sciences from the Economics School of Louvain (UCLouvain) & the University of Milan (UNIMI). After graduation and a first part-time assistant contract within Saint-Louis, he began to work as a full-time assistant.

Research interests: Daniel’s interests are mainly about public economy issues. He is currently orienting his research project towards tax-benefit systems and their distributional impacts.

Antoine de Mahieu 
02 792 35 20
Bureau : E6 (Bât: 38 Botanique – Etage 4)

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Antoine studied civil engineering and economic sciences at UCLouvain. After a first professional experience at at McKinsey & Company, he started a round-the-word bicycle expedition. Back home, he joined the CEREC as a teaching assistant and PhD student in public economics. 

Research interests: His research focuses on the impact of tax-benefit reforms on the labour market and on poverty. More precisely, he focuses on in-work benefits and basic income schemes.

Audric De Bevere 
Bureau : D1 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 3)

Audric holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the ESL (UCLouvain). Prior to that, he was a student of the University Saint-Louis-Bruxelles. He had the chance to study abroad in Vienna and in Québec. He also enjoyed the student life as a member of Alterékot (kot-à-projet in Louvain-la-Neuve).

Research interests: His research interests are in the scope of public economics. He is currently defining his research project on the distributional impacts of carbon taxation.

Arnaud Dorsimont 
02 211 79 39
Bureau : D1 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 3)

Arnaud Dorsimont graduated from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management where he obtained a Master in Business Engineering and from the Namur University where he obtained a Master in Economics.
After working at the Brussels Parliament, he joined Saint-Louis University to pursue his research in economics.

Research interests: Arnaud Dorsimont studies the impact of tax shifts on economic development by using empirical methods.

Rory Green

Bureau :  D3 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 3)

Rory holds an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in Quantitative Economics from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, UCLouvain, and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. After graduating, Rory began to work at University Saint-Louis-Bruxelles as a full-time teaching assistant with plans to complete his PhD in Economics.
Research interest : His research interests are focused on but not limited to labor and public economics, more specifically the labor market conditions in the gig economy.

David Sonnewald
02 211 79 56
Bureau E2
(Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 4)

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David completed all his studies at Bocconi University, in Milan (BSc in Economics and Social Sciences, MSc in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations). David joined the CAPE in March 2020 as fellow researcher and PhD candidate within the framework of the BEAMM project.
Research interest : David’s research interests are in the field of labour and education economics. His research employs the microsimulation model developed in BEAMM to study a range of labour market policies in the Brussels-Capital Region area.

Lina Sheremeta  
02 792 35 75 
Bureau : D2 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage : 3 (D))

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Research interest : Her research interests are in the field of public economics, microsimulation modelling, transport and environmental economics. More specifically her research centers around the questions of efficiency and equity of public policies aimed to mitigate road congestion.

Nhi Tran Tung
Telephone number: +32493022934
Bureau : E2 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Étage: 4 (E))
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Nhi received her degree of PFIEV program in Telecommunications at Hochiminh City University of Technology, which is equivalent to Master’s degree. After graduated, she worked as a Python developer and a researcher before joining the BEAMM project in August 2021 as a research assistant. 
Her research interests include data mining, anomaly detection, explainable machine learning.

Research associates

Fanny Vanrykel 
Bureau : D1 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 3)

Cédric Heuchenne 
02 792 35 15
Bureau : D14 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 3)


Julie Daele
Bureau : C20 (Bât : 38 Botanique – Etage 2)